Naruto Sad Soundtrack Collection COMPLETE01:03:47

Naruto Sad Soundtrack Collection COMPLETE

Naruto Sad OSTs

(Naruto OSTs) 0:00:00 Sadness and sorrow (link to Top 10 Saddest OSTs) 0:02:59 Loneliness 0:05:04 Hinata vs Neji 0:08:18 Oh! Student and Teacher's affection 0:11:34 Grief and sorrow 0:14:27 Swaying necklace (Naruto Shippuuden OSTs) 0:16:28 Experienced many battles 0:18:20 Man of the world 0:21:18 Scene of a disaster 0:23:22 Loneliness 0:25:28 Nightfall 0:27:09 Unparalleled throughout history  0:28:47 Setting sun 0:30:43 Despair 0:32:44 Tragic  0:35:14 Companions  0:37:15 Saika  0:39:29 Maisou 0:44:50 Shirotsumekusa 0:46:47 Hyouhaku 0:49:13 Guren 0:53:06 Senya  0:55:17 Shirohae 0:58:05 Ochihabune 1:00:17 Samidare 

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